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R&D platform:

China polyester spunbond Technology equipment and product R & D Base title

Polyester spunbond nonwovens Technology Innovation Center for Textile Industry

China Industrial Textile Industry Association "13th Five-Year" outstanding public service platform

Dalian High-end Spunbond Nonwovens Complete Equipment Engineering Laboratory

Dalian Enterprise Technology Center

Dalian Spunbond Multifunctional Nonwovens New Materials Engineering technology Research Center

Technical team:

Owned by a senior industry experts and senior engineers, technical team composed of a total of 58 people.

Among them, there are 1 technical leader in China's textile industry, 1 national textile science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship talent, 1 leading figure in China's industrial textile industry, 1 outstanding contribution figure in the "13th Five-Year Plan" of China's industrial textile industry, 2 national registered engineers, 3 professor-level senior engineers, 15 senior engineers, 22 engineers, Covering technology, machinery, electrical and other professional fields, enjoy the honorary title of "Dalian Innovation Team".

R&D equipment:

It established 2 multi-functional experimental lines, equipped with nearly 100 sets of experimental devices and inspection equipment/sets, with modular, refined, systematic research and development functions, with process research, technology verification, product development, core equipment development and other capabilities.

Technological Achievements
  • 2014

  • 2018

  • 2020

  • 2021


June 2014, "Development of High-strength Polyester filament substrate fabric Products and Equipment" -- Third prize of National Textile Industry Excellent Engineering Design;

In July 2014, "Research and Development and Industrialization of PET/COPET leather-core spunbonded hot-melt consolidated nonwovens" -- Technical Innovation Fund project certificate for technology-based smes;

In November 2014, "Development of high-strength polyester filament substrate fabric Products and Equipment" -- First prize of Science and Technology Progress awarded by China National Textile Council.


May 2018, spunbonded needled nonwovens production Line Control System V1.0 -- Software work;

In October 2018, "HuayangFN-IIig type 6.8m waterproof coil substrate high-speed polyester spunbonded needle nonwovens production line equipment and technology development and technical services" -- service-oriented manufacturing demonstration project;

In December 2018, participated in the compilation of the national standard of " Substrate fabric for asphalt Waterproof Coil" (GB/T 18840-2018).


In January 2020, "High-strength polyester filament substrate fabric products and complete sets of technology and equipment" -- China Top Ten Textile Technology Award;

In October 2020, Polyester spunbonded nonwovens Technology Innovation Center of Textile Industry -- China National Textile Council;

In December 2020, Gold Award of Invention Patent for the production method of polyester filament spunbonded needled linoleum substrate fabric.


In May 2021, it was awarded as China's polyester spunbond technology equipment and product R&D base;

In November 2021, the production method of Bi-component spunbonded hot air consolidated nonwovens -- Gold Award of Excellent Patent granted by China National Textile Industry Council;

In December 2021, the first prize of research and industrialization of key technologies and equipment for high-strength coarse denier two-component spunbonded nonwovens production -- Scientific and technological Progress.

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