Bi-component coarse denier filament nonwoven material

Bi-component coarse denier filament nonwoven material

Product Parameters

Raw materials PET/CoPET;PET/PA6
Denier 1.5-15dpf
Product range 15-250gsm
Max width 5000mm
Product color White, black, gray, whitening, customized color

Product Introduction

BICOWEB series product production process and equipment technology is a combination of a number of proprietary and patented technology, Huayangi New Materail and Huayang BICOWEB have complete independent intellectual property rights.

Product features:

● Higher tensile strength and tear strength

● Better air permeability and water permeability

● better compactness, surface smoothness, stiffness, foldability and dimensional stability            

● Better thermal stability and durability

● Better corrosion resistance and aging resistance

Application Area

● liquid and gas filter material and composite filter material support layer

● tufted base cloth for carpet boxes, car engine blankets, car MATS, etc

● Packaging and decoration materials

● Building reinforcement materials

● geo-drainage plate filter membrane

● sneaker reinforcement material

● As the fifth generation of waterproof substrate, mainly used in waterproof coil , self-adhesive waterproof coil substrate

Waterproof coating reinforcement cloth, waterproof coating

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